University Of Oregon School Of Law

University Of Oregon School Of Law

The University Of Oregon School Of Law is the only public law school in Oregon. It was one of the initial law schools that got approved by the ABA (American Bar Association).

Students And Faculty At Oregon Law

The University Of Oregon School Of Law is a tight-knit, small community of motivating comprehensive students that are energetic, smart, and friendly in nature.

University Of Oregon - School Of Law

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University’s permanent faculty forms the foundation of the community of teachers and scholars at the university. Nationally engaged on various important issues within the field, passionate about the law, novel in the classroom, the achievements of the teaching staff of the Oregon University of Law earned in the ‘Order of the Coif’ – voluntary scholastic community. The participating group of faculty, associates of the bar, contribute to the widening of the expert network of the students at Oregon Law. Finally, the Law Library staff oversees wide range of information sources that support both the students and faculty in their work.

Curriculum At Oregon Law

University Of Oregon School Of Law offers an assorted curriculum that sustains a wide range of career interests and goals. All the students at the university are slotted in full-time education.

Programs and centers stimulate a large amount of the scholarly energy at the university, which include –

  • Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics
  • PIPS – Public Interest Public Service Program
  • Pro Bono Program
  • Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution
  • Oregon Child Advocacy Project
  • Ocean and Coastal Law Center
  • LRW – Legal Research and Writing Program
  • Center for Law and Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program
  • Family, Child Advocacy, and Elder Law
  • Business Law
  • Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center

University Of Oregon School Of Law offers 8 concurrent Master’s degrees. A simultaneous degree enables the students to earn a master’s degree through some other program at the Oregon Law University that requires only one more year of education. You can apply for your choice of master’s degree program. Here is the list of concurrent degrees offered at Oregon Law University:

  • Master of Public Administration and Law
  • Community and Regional Planning Graduate Program and Law
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Communication and Society
  • International Studies and Law
  • Environmental Studies Program
  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution and Law
  • Business and Law

As a Law student at Oregon University, you can also get a concurrent Master’s in Water Resources Policy and Management at University Of Oregon School Of Law in Corvallis.

Approximately one-third of the University Of Oregon School Of Law students prefer concentrating on their law education in an expert field. You can earn a completion certificate for one among the 12 areas from the below-mentioned:

  • Tax law
  • Green business law
  • Public interest and public service law
  • Ocean and coastal law
  • Law and entrepreneurship
  • International law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Estate planning
  • Environmental and natural resources law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Criminal law
  • Business law

As a student at Oregon Law graduate with a real time experience, you will complete minimum of one externship or for-credit clinic as part of your law training, which offers you practical skill set and experience before you get into the workforce. You can avail externship locally, across the Northwest, or in Portland.

Admission Process At Oregon Law

University Of Oregon School of Law receive more number of applications from the eligible applicants than the available seats for the classroom. The limited number of seats makes the process very competitive. The university’s admissions committee goes through each and every application thoroughly in a holistic and comprehensive manner. The admissions committee includes both new and senior faculty, a law student, admission officers and program administrators. The admissions committee is trained to determine whether or not the applicant is ready to succeed educationally in the school. Both GPA and LSAT, along with other non-numerical factors are taken into consideration.

The admissions committee also focuses on what extent the applicant’s goals and interests match those that are focused in the University Of Oregon School Of Law community and curriculum. The application process requests that you fully and earnestly reply to a variety of questions, offer them with your resume that comprises of your professional achievements and experiences, and provide 2 letters of evaluations and/or recommendations.

No specific GPA, LSAT score, or a combination of grades or test score ensures your admission into the Oregon Law. Non-residents along with the residents are given equal consideration for the scholarship during the admission process.

Student Life at Oregon Law

Students enter Oregon University of Law from across the nation. In the area of about 350,000, life is very relaxed with less formal interactions. Rentals are low compared with other cities in the west Coast. Law student in Eugene are drawn out to the significant outdoor activities. Most of the graduates from Oregon Law work in urban centers. The main theme among the Oregon Law University students and alumni is the option of going to law school in a friendly and manageable setting.

There are more than forty energetic student organizations that promote events all through the year. One among them is LAW – Land, Air, and Water – which hosts PIELC annually, the largest and oldest Public Interest Environmental Law Commerce around the globe. There is also an active law students group exclusively run for women law students, an LGBTW organization, and 5 multicultural organizations.

The Oregon School of Law supports 3 student-run publications – Oregon Review of International Law, Journal of Environment Law and Litigation, and Oregon Law Review. There are many public interest fundraisers and community mentoring and outreach events in which you can participate. You can also work on various committees in the school that include dean’s advisory, faculty hiring, diversity, and more. The alumni of the university participate with the current students in various community outreach events and public interest fundraising activities, along with the networking events through the year.


The CCPPD (Center for Career Planning and Professional Development) offers personalized and comprehensive career analysis to each and every student of the law at Oregon University. It benefits from its relation with a great network of above 5,500 alumni of Oregon Law, the larger University of Oregon alumni network, as well as a compassionate legal community.

The service initiatives of an associate director of public help you in developing your public interest externship opportunities. It also works on fundraising initiative for your LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Program), and function in conjunction with the center in assisting student in their job search.

Most of the alumni of Oregon Law work in Wall Street, in Oregon, in DC, across the West, and around the globe. Graduates go to prominent jobs, specifically in Washington and Portland states, and in the Judiciary.

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