Guide To Criminal Defense Attorney

Guide To Criminal Defense Attorney


The criminal defense attorney is a person who is specialized in defending companies or individuals who have been accused of doing some activities that are related to criminal acts.  There are some criminal defense attorneys who are working with a company or jurisdictions with criminal courts.  Some are also working as private criminal defense attorneys who are representing some persons in the court.  Every jurisdiction of criminal courts may vary depending on their specializations and practices.  These may be on various levels regarding their inputs on federal law, state or consent decrees.

Sometimes, the judges are rotating the appointment system by appointing a criminal defense attorney from a firm or a private attorney for each criminal case.  Some people may be curious about the amount of money that they need to prepare to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent them in court.  The cost will usually vary depending on the criminal defense attorney that you are looking for.  Their expertise, educational background and experiences may somehow affect the charges of each criminal defense attorney.  Some of the factors that may affect the charges are usually those that are listed below.

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1. The Experience Of The Criminal Defense Attorney

This is basically one of the greatest factors that will affect the fee that you will have to pay to hire a criminal defense attorney. If the criminal defense attorney has a lesser experience regarding the case that he is handling then the cost will surely be lesser than you are expecting. In contrast to that, if the experience of the criminal defense attorney is long and has been an attorney for many years then you will have to pay for a relatively higher amount.  However, you have to be cautious for some criminal defense attorneys who are offering a low hourly charge because this may just be deceiving you.  One thing that you have t take into consideration with is that a criminal defense attorney who has a higher rate per hour and has had a decade or more experience will surely have a higher possibility of solving your case and your satisfaction will surely be guaranteed.

2. The Gravity Of The Case

The rate of the criminal defense attorney will also be depending on the complexity of the person’s case that they are handling. If their client has felony charges then they will surely charge for a higher amount because this kind of case will entail some huge penalties once the case has not been solved by a good criminal defense attorney. The greater the complexity of the case is, then the higher court appearances will be done.   The charge for criminal defense attorneys are also based n the appearances that they do on courts so you will really have to prepare more amount of money if the case has higher gravity.

3. Geographical Location

     The geographical location on which the case is being held really matters when it comes to handling cases regarding this. The location of the criminal defense attorneys will surely affect the rate of their service. Hence, there are no standard fees for criminal defense attorneys.  The average salary of a criminal defense attorney in every case is about $1500.  If the case only requires just one court appearance or simple consultations then you will only have to pay a lesser amount of money but if the case requires the criminal defense attorney’s full representation then the charge will be relatively higher.  There are some cases that a criminal defense attorney is being paid with around $2000 to $3000 or about $1000 in each day of the trial case.

 4. Way Of Billing

      The billing of a criminal defense attorney will again depend. Some of those criminal defense attorneys are asking for an hourly pay while they are handling the case of the defendant. Usually, the pay for criminal defense attorneys per hour is about $150.  There are also some other fees that are being charged by criminal defense attorneys such as the copying fees, representation, subpoena fees and many more.  There are some advantages of hourly billing and one of which is that the defendant will expect a quicker result from the case that their attorney is handling.  However, one disadvantage is that the case will someday become complicated to the lawyer, and in such instance, the charge for the lawyer may somehow increase as well.

Aside from that, hourly charges will provide the lawyers some incentives on finance to focus more on a case that they are handling or the defendant is prepared to give their payment.  Majority of the criminal defense lawyers are setting their minimum charge that they stick with even if the case that they are handling has already been fixed with just one conversation on phone.  Luckily, the criminal defense attorneys that have more experience can already predict the number of hours that they need to solve the case that they are handling, and the defendant should be willing to accept the hourly fee even without asking the estimate of the criminal defense attorney regarding the amount of time that the case will take to be resolved.

 5. Retainer Charges

      There are various types of paying criminal defense attorneys and these are usually in an hourly basis or depending on the case that they are handling. Aside from these fees that the defendants will have to pay, they should also pay for retainer fees before the criminal defense attorney deal with the defendant’s case. In this case, the attorney will be sending the defendant about the statements on the amount of time that the lawyer spent with the case, the interventions that were implemented, and the amount of the retainer fees.  Once the defendant’s balance is already approaching zero, the attorney will then ask their client for some extra fees not only if the attorney is doing their job for a set cost.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney will somehow be a bit stressful for some because the charge that they will be asking you is undeniably high.  Hence, you need to be very keen when looking for a criminal defense attorney who will defend you in times of trouble.







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