5 Key Steps In Finding And Dealing With The Right Divorce Lawyer

5 Key Steps In Finding And Dealing With The Right Divorce Lawyer

Having to face the decision of undertaking divorce proceedings can be one of the blackest times of a person’s life. It can be difficult to find the right guidance as very few have any prior experience with the in the ins and outs of the divorce process and initiating legal proceedings. Various cases of wasted money and time are examples of nightmares you’ll wish to avoid.

In order to escape a drawn out, financial and emotional disaster, you must invest on the best one most compatible to you. It’s crucial to choose one reliable professional from the numerous options of divorce lawyers out there.


So how do an individual determine the right one? Consult these compiled key steps on how and what to look for a divorce lawyer:

1. Stay Realistic And Don’t Get Others Involved

A client must realize that divorce is a legal process solely for resolving issues revolving around custody and assets. Getting a good deal out of it all is a lawyer’s number one duty. No one should expect them to be sympathetic to woes to the point where they will be willing to listen a client’s rants of pain, sadness, disappointment or anger. This is the job of a therapist and an attorney is not one nor do they want to be.

Going on about how the ordeal is frustrating and maddening will be a gross waste of money since a lawyer’s services are not free and are, in fact, typically way more expensive than a therapist’s or coach’s per hour. At the end of the day, it won’t be worth it. In their line of work, divorce lawyers have seen it all and another divorce case is just one more job for them.

Let them concentrate on how to best proceed with the legal process. It’s important to be realistic and expect only what’s entailed in the job description.

2. Be Focused And Practical

The end game is to get divorced and emotions should stay out of it as humanly possible. Don’t let frustration or resentment do the talking. It won’t do to fight over something when emotions run high and realize later on, after both parties have had time to calm down, that it was for some piece of property that wasn’t as important as it looked at the heat of the moment.

This behavior risks having a protracted, more litigious and costlier affair. It’s never worth stray focus. Keep it calm, quick and less expensive.

3. Save Money By Looking For Other Means

Depending on eligibility, there are free divorce lawyers out there. Lawyers sometime take suits pro bono or for little price. But admittedly, very few can qualify.

In any case, options other than traditional litigation are present and may be considered. Hiring divorce lawyers are for people who need to untangle complicated assets and negotiate terms. If a divorcing couple are not entangled by complexities of children and finances, hiring a mediator to arbitrate in discussing conditions is an excellent choice. This process is considerably less expensive than hiring a divorce lawyer. There’s also the choice of a collaborative divorce which is focused on preserving an amicable co-parenting relationship.

If neither side is willing to give in or compromise, then the process falls to litigated trial, which is the costliest, most drawn out and most taxing of them all.

By deciding on the kind of divorce a client wants and is more likely to have, the kind of lawyer is also chosen, depending on the lawyer’s field of expertise.

4. Choose From No Less Than Three Divorce Lawyers To Research And Interview

It’s best to find at least three divorce lawyers that can be interviewed first before hiring one. Jumping to the first one that opportunity provides just won’t do. A divorce lawyer should specialize in family law. The specific type depends on the kind of divorce one is most likely to have. Excellent legal knowledge, vast experience and transparent communication with client are good traits to look for. An ideal attorney knows how to help the client understand the proceeding, a good negotiator and has a plenty of experience with the divorce court system.

The divorce lawyer also be a local as divorce laws vary in each state. They should also be familiar with family law judges in the area’s jurisdiction and how they operate. It’s important so the lawyer can give sound advice regarding appropriate legal strategies.

Personal recommendations are usually the best way to find divorce lawyers. Ask friends and family members, as for recommendations from familiar lawyers with different specializations like estate lawyers. Searching the web and basing decisions based on client reviews is also a sure way to go. Choose one recommended by a family or friend, one introduced by another lawyer and one or two with superior review on the internet and ask them all to an interview.

An initial phone call is a good start. Ask about experience within family law and specialization. Ask about the types of clientele the attorney generally represents. If the hourly fee is not affordable, then there will be no point in setting up a meeting. Address how they negotiate fees, as some does by a percentage based on projected settlement.       On the first visit, take advantage of the free consult that most lawyers are willing to provide. Gather as much legal advice as possible at this time.

Depending on the kind of divorce, some proceedings may require the aid of parenting coordinators, forensic appraisers, financial experts, and coach facilitators, etc. Questioning the lawyer about access to mentioned resources won’t hurt. Check out trial records a court success too, just in case even if going to trial is not intended. This can help spell out a lawyer skills in negotiation.

5. Make A Decision

Choose the lawyer who is affordable, and places the highest importance to children, assets or both, whichever is in dispute. The lawyer who inspires trust, shares the same ideals about divorce, is professional, responsive and knowledgeable is the right one.

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